Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Commuter Folding Electric Bike (Recertified)

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Commuter Folding Electric Bike (Recertified)

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Good condition and has been determined fully functional by the manufacturer . may have minimal signs of wear. May have 1 key.

SWAGTRON EB7 Long-Range Folding Electric Bike . 16-Inch Wheels . Swappable Battery with Keylock & Rear Suspension

Welcome to the commuter's dream - the Swagtron EB7. An eco-friendly . folding ebike for adults and teens that's stylish . powerful . and built with the premium materials needed to navigate through tough city streets. Lightweight yet durable . its foldable aluminum frame rocks in-demand features and top specs. A high-torque 350-watt motor. Extended mileage. Removable 36V lithium-ion battery.

Go the distance. Thanks to a highly efficient 350W motor . riders up to 264 lbs can travel as far as 15.5 miles on electric power alone. Switch speed modes at the push of a button and reach max throttle speeds up to 18.6 mph. Looking to stay active or conserve battery? Pedal like a traditional bicycle then switches to pedal-to-go mode to overcome steep hills or catch a quick breather. With the power of the EB7 electric bicycle . conquering 25-degree inclines is child's play.

Never get caught out without power. Unlock the 36V lithium-ion battery and swap it out with a second battery (sold separately). The removable battery can be refilled juice while attached or detached from the frame. In just 3-4 hours . this fast-charging eBike will be fully juiced up and ready to roll.

The EB7 is equipped with air-filled tires on 16-inch wheels that deliver better traction and stability. Coil shocks with adjustable preload and dual-disc brakes combine to give the EB7 an incredibly smooth ride with consistently reliable stopping power. Special "Autoguard" brake technology ensures that the motor stops when the brakes are engaged.

Everything you need for the perfect ride is included right out of the box. Ergonomic paddle-shaped grips and adjustable seat for maximum comfort. Bright LED headlight for bike riding in low-light conditions. Electric horn and rear reflectors for a safer journey. The EB7's hub motor is protected from overheating by an aluminum heat sink that helps regulate the motor's temperature.

With the EB7 foldable long-range electric bicycle from Swagtron . your ride just got a whole lot better.

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